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Dry Bones Shall Rise Again – Yung.G.Son Live In Concert | Jul. 13th


IMG-20160615-WA003Dry Bone will Rise Again is a 2-hour meeting Jesus.

In a vision, God asked Prophet Ezekiel if dry bones would rise again and he answered by saying: “O Lord God, Thou Knowest” (Ez. 37: 3). Friends, this was a very diplomatic answer. The bones must have been so dry that he really didn’t think that they could rise again but wasn’t about to express his unbelief to God. And so to be on the safe side, he said “O Lord God, Thou Knowest”.

Many are presently in the valley of dry bones. Jesus is here to turn situation around and breath into your predicament as you come in Jesus name surely dry bone will raise again.

Ministering: Pastor Segun, SOP, COF Choir Redeem, The Chosen Voice, The JCT Choir, Bro Amos, Gaposa skits and all campus choirs

Date: 13th of July 2016

Time: 1: 45pm

Venue: Gateway Polytechnic Auditorium, Ogun State.

Theme: Dry Bone will Raise again (Ezekiel 37: 1-10)


Twitter: @Gospeltrends1

Facebook: Kehinde Amure (Julius)


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