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Donnie McClurkin & Nicole C Mullen Confirm Being In Love But Not Engaged

Donnie McClurkin Reveals Engagement, Donnie McClurkin & Nicole C Mullen

Donnie McClurkin Reveals EngagementIn new development to the Donnie McClurkin & Nicole C Mullen Engagement story, the parties  have said that they are not engaged, nonetheless on the journey to being married.

The announcement went viral last week after Pastor Donnie McClurkin and Matt Crouch spoke about a possible marriage between Pastor Donnie and Nicole C Mullen on TBN but he has said that Christian Post’s title to the article was false.

According to McClurkin, the article in itself is true but the title which has since been changed is false. Donnie said what happened on TBN was Matt Crouch letting everyone know that he is indeed in love with Nicole C Mullen and there is, to a large degree the possibility of both parties getting married, however the due protocol of counselling will have to be observed before that is possible.

“What you saw on TBN was Matt Crouch letting everybody know that I am in love and I am working toward marriage. The truth of the matter is that my plan is to get married. But as I stated on TBN, she and I both have agreed that the protocol of counseling is necessary.”, McClurkin said

Also, Mullen during her Periscope Bible study on Monday, said that the couple is “definitely on the road to marriage but they are not engaged.

“There’s a protocol that both he and I want to honor. So, are we officially engaged? No,” Mullen said. “Are we on the road to marriage? Yes.”

Watch Nicole C Mullen debunk the engagement rumour



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