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Video: “Nigerians Will Not Vote You In 2019” – Father Mbaka Warns Buhari

Father Mbaka Warns Buhari

Father Mbaka Warns BuhariFather Mbaka Warns Buhari

In a twist of event, an advocate of President Buhari, Rev Fr. Mbaka has turned against him warning him to address the hunger and suffering in the country else Nigerians will not vote for him come 2019.

Mbaka has been one of Buhari’s most vocal supporters since he asked Nigerians to reject the incumbent, Goodluck Jonathan of the Peoples Democratic Party during the 2015 presidential pol and predicted Buhari’s victory.

In the message obtained by journalists Tuesday, Mbaka noted that there was too much suffering in the country, and faulted the President for not appointing the right people.

Read the message in part below,

“The issue is that Mbaka is speaking as the Spirit leads him – there is hunger everywhere.  My job is to tell leaders the truth, the landlords are crying, the tenants are lamenting, sellers are crying, buyers are lamenting – there is hunger on the streets.

“I can’t keep quiet when things are going wrong.

“I am telling the President to look around him and know those who are advising him rightly and those who are telling him that there is no trouble.

“The President should know that there is trouble – if things continue like this, in the next election, nobody will vote for him.” 

Watch the video below:




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