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#SelahMusic: Randie | Testify [@Randiedaniel]


IMG-20160829-WA0007After the release of his debut single ‘’This Love’’ few months ago, Randie was referred to by many as one of the artiste to watch out for in the Nigerian music industry. This time, Randie is back with yet another masterpiece titled ‘’Testify’’.

After a brief hiatus, Randie is back with this inspiring song titled ”Testify”, He said ‘’…Being through a lot for a while now, and being able to stay positive through the storm has been tough. I am counting it all joy, i’m certain that through it all, i’ll testify, and now, I am sharing a testimony about those times’’.

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E nor finish x8

Uh uh uh,

Story continues,

Talking about ur glory,


Solo 1

And for the record,

I’ve never seen the kind of love,

So true like ur’s,

For the record,

I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken,

Since I met u,

U’ve never failed me,

A thousand years from now,

U’ll remain the same,

Baba I go throw way salute  for u,

U are the high and mighty,

Baba na u,



Em nor finish x6) twice,

I’ll testify

Of ur wonders,

Oh i’ll testify,

Of ur goodness

I’ll testify

Of ur wonders,

I’ll testify

Of ur goodness,


Solo 2

For the record,

The children of Israel left Egypt,

To the promise land,

Baba God na u,

U made the impossibility,

Seems so possible,

After all is said and done,

U knew my past and

Knew my future,

Turned around the plight of my enemy,

And u brought their plans to shame

Uh uh,

Back to chorus,



Uh uh uh uh,

Oh na na na,

Oh na na na na na eh

Oh na na na,

I’m not ashamed,

I’m gonna testify,

Of the good things u’ve done in my life

Back to chorus



Twitter: @Randiedaniel


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