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Video: Man Renounces Occult Practice, Becomes Born Again & Exposes Demonic Deception

Steven Bancarz, new age

steven-bancarzSteven Bancarz was raised in a Christian home but the enemy seized the oppurtunity of his spiritual curiosity to lead him into New Age Spirituality – a cult that uses metaphysical, scientific, and religious approaches to the human understanding of nature and the universe. It is particularly against Christianity.

He became born again in September of 2015 and has since been on a mission to expose this dark spirituality for what it really is: a demonic deception.

In a video that he shared in April, which has gathered 8.5K views on Facebook, Bancarz shares how Jesus Christ liberated him from the snares of the occult.

For one who was 22 years old and was making over $40,000 per month in AD revenue from his website called Spirit Science and Metaphysics, Bancarz felt the whole money he was making was a reward for serving humanity with his knowledge of the occult. He gave everything up, closing down his website when he was touched by the love of Jesus! He said he had to sell his car and house after accepting Jesus due to the fact that his income got cut back by 97% but Bancarz has already been convicted and there was no going back, hence, he was glad to cut back.

He spoke about feeling the Holy Spirit for the first time and how exciting the experience was for him. Bancarz said

“I felt Jesus, like a week before that and now I was feeling him 24/7 inside of my spirit… most people don’t even know this is possible – that there is a spiritual way we can know first hand that Jesus Christ is the Son of God”

Speaking with Christian Post, Steven Bancarz said the world has managed to pull a veil over the 3rd person of the Trinity in the heart of the people and therefore has been able to deceive the world that Christianity is just another religion based on facts but the truth is that there is a whole different dimension to it and you cannot rely on your understanding. He said Jesus is the standard and His Word is the basis for the knowledge that authenticate a child of God.

Christians must “hold everything up to the light of Scripture because all Scripture is God-breathed,” he added.

He said that the most important thing for people to know is that God is truly knowable and we can come into a personal relationship with him that is supernatural, and his presence is tangible.

“The minute that we encounter the living, breathing presence of the Holy Spirit everything changes. And I would encourage people to pursue that, to pursue God in His fullness and to seek Jesus as He really is rather than who we want Him to be. The minute that we do that it is His promise in scripture that He will make Himself known to us. … You don’t need a certain level of intelligence, you don’t need to be in a certain state of consciousness, you don’t need a certain level of knowledge, all you need is a heart that hungers for the reality of God. And Jesus is the real deal.”

Bancarz’s new website, Exposing the New Age, is a Christian apologetics resource hub specifically aimed at derailing New Age and other occult deceptions as well as debunking false claims made about Jesus Christ.

Connect with Steven Bancarz

Facebook: StevenBancarzSSM

YouTube: stevenbancarzSSM/videos

Website: exposingthenewage.com

Instagram: stevenbancarz


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