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#SelahFresh: Bayo Adegbite | Aninilematannile [@AdegbiteAdebay6]



Bayo Adegbite releases a new single titled “Aninilematannile”  and he says.

“As an up and coming Gospel music minister, I had been seeking the face of God for the grace to compose songs that will last for generations; songs that myself and people all around the world will sing for the rest of our lives, and that will directly connect men to Heaven!

“One day, as I was walking to board a bus home on my way from work, I started singing in the spirit – or in other tongues – (as I customarily do whenever I’m walking alone).

“And all of a sudden, the melody of the song in question came to me in tongues! I loved the melody so much, but I was slightly worried that the song didn’t come to me in a language I could decipher. I therefore began to ask God for words to fit into the melody.

“Soon afterwards, God reminded me of a name of His that I got to know during my RCF, Obafemi Awolowo University days while worshipping Him back then. That name is “Aninilematannile” (which freely translated, means “The Inexhaustible God”).
This is it!

“There & then, I knew a new song had arrived! I knew God has started with me in a truly unique way!

“Truly, we can never have enough of God, for the simple reason that He can never be exhausted!!! Alleluia! “

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