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conrad-artworkThe Babe of Bethlehem is a ballad, arranged with opera and choral music. Produced by the inimitable and peerless Asusi Allwell-Brown; it is an attempt to tell the true Christmas story through the mechanism of an operatic ballad.  It was inspired by divine melodies received during a quiet time of study and private worship he says. It is hoped that the song would not only be enjoyed as an excellent musical piece but that it would inspire faith and fellowship with God and a better understanding of Jesus and Christmas.

Born with music in the heart, Conrad easily breathes music. His music is of varied genre with an unmistakable underlying soul core. For Conrad, “Music is like breathing”. In his words,

The music we exhale is simply a rich blend of the music we inhale, our inspiration, skill, arrangement, and our experience in putting it all together.”

Conrad, has spent the last 15 years honing on his musical craft and has worked extensively with Choirs. He is an avid song writer, arranger, and vocalist. He is inspired by God, the Word, Creation, Life and the continued musings of his musical Soul. Conrad has only recently been inspired to share his musical library to a wider world.

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