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#SelahMusicVid: Eric Arubayi | The Sound (Official Video) | @​iamericarubayi

Eric Arubayi - The Sound

– Eric Arubayi – The Sound video out now!

ERIC VIDEric Arubayi‘s “The Sound” is a soulful rendition of God’s faithfulness and ever enduring love. The chords in the background very much like the singer are soft and classical. At a point on the track, Eric’s voice is the most forthcoming instrument keeping in line with the solemnity of the track.

The song was co-written with PITA and is a soul stirring song of gratitude to God for all HE has done for us. It was produced by ‘e-Kelly on the beat’; Eric’s childhood brother and friend under his record label Spirit Music and was released first in March 2016.

In the video, we see a beanie clad, unshaven Eric in a black T-shirt looking laid back signifying his vulnerability and perhaps even lowness then, he gets his hair cut and dons a three piece suit looking the part of the classic dapper man. He continues to sing of God’s goodness even as he gets touched up and styled till his transformation takes place.

The emotive message behind this simple video is so poignant in that we are to stay grateful to God at our lowest and highest points. For many who knew Eric, this season is albeit a tough one but amazingly enough, this video is reminiscent of his message to all who loved him and believers alike. We are to stay thankful and remember that God’s love is indeed everlasting no matter how grim it might look on the outside.

Leave it to Eric to drop us a message upon his grand exit into heaven.

Watch video below:


Video Directed by: Frizzle n Bizzle Films (@frizzlenbizzlefilms)

Music Produced by: Ekelly (@ekellybeats)

Makeup Artist: Mary Ayodele (@Maryapromakeover)

Styling: Adeoye Awosan (@ade_oye)






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