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#SelahMusic: PAV & Altarsound | EL Yhwh | Feat. Debbie Dee [@altarsound]


Pastor Alexander Victor, PAV, as he is fondly called is a passionate lover of God, crazy worshiper, teacher & preacher of the Word, writer & public speaker, radio & TV presenter, songwriter, music producer, worship resources consultant and visionary of Altarsound Worship Resources, operating from the UK & Nigeria respectively.

He has a compelling testimony of the restorative power of the grace of God that brought him back up out the abyss of many failings and a messed up past to continue in His God-pursuit & kingdom service; a Kingdom-minded leader with a heart for empowering and encouraging people to live a lifestyle of God-centered worship beyond the music.

As an arm of Altarsound Worship Resources, PAV leads the worship team simply known as ‘Altarsound’ a collective of radical, passionate, spirit-filled & skilled minstrels.

PAV & Altarsound are called to be worship-smiths, crafting the hearts of men back to the place of true worship of the Most High. Their ministry has them hosting recurrent worship gatherings and travelling extensively, releasing the fragrance of God’s presence wherever they go, with one crystal-clear mandate: ‘Redefining Worship on God’s Terms!’

After the successful release of two singles  “Great I Am” and “iSurvived” off the forthcoming album, PAV & Altarsound are back with their third single titled ‘EL Yhwh’.

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Twitter: @altarsound

Facebook: Altarsound WR

Instagram: @altarsoundworship


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