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Is Anything Wrong With Helen Paul Adorning White Garment At C&S Church?

Helen Paul

Comedian Helen Paul faced lots of criticism last week and was forced to react against the abusive words and nasty comments hurled at her for attending a white garment church and wearing the regalia of the Cherubim and Seraphim church.

Following the unpleasant reaction, she wrote:

“The gospel is not about the CHURCH you attend or the doctrine you follow, it’s all about; THE GOOD NEWS, ETERNITY, LOVE, FAITH, SACRIFICE, SERVICE TO HUMANITY. There is no BOOK OF LIFE OF CHURCHES, it’s simply a BOOK OF LIFE and whoever his/her name is there would be granted ACCESS.

“Can we all just serve ONE GOD, have one SPIRIT, and live in UNITY. Some people say they are for PAUL, some say they are for APOLLO. But Paul planteth, Apollo watereth and GOD giveth INCREASE.”

While the doctrines may differ from each other and one may apparently be more enlightened in the revelation knowledge of God than the other, should one be disgraced and hated because of the kind of church he attends? Will this not mean that we have yet to come to the fullness of God?

Jesus hung on the cross with those that were guilty as charged, yet the one who was willing to believe got saved right on the cross. Is Jesus not our great example?

Some stigma do exist for the attendees of the church due to the preconceived mindset of Nigerians about the church.

Some believe the rituals and rites observed are diabolical. Others are just outrightly against the doctrines. Some have argued that the church is for poor people.

Matter what the premises are, one thing the word of God has revealed is that love has won  over more consistently whereas hate only pushes farther away.


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