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“Bible College Doesn’t Qualify You For Pastoral Ministry” – Obiora Obiwon


Following the release of the new single by Gospel music minister Obiora Obiwon titled “A Billion Hallelujah” and his recent graduation from Bible School, the Gospel music minister has addressed the issues surrounding his recent ventures and the negative comments generated.

Obiora Obiwon posited:

“A couple of weeks back news made rounds of my small venture into Bible College. I was surprised at the amount of discussions and comments this generated but I wasn’t shocked, in this age of the social media. Some folks praised God and encouraged me. Some other folks had nothing but negative vibes and insinuations which only made me chuckle. Here’s my response:

1. I’m a music minister and a recording artiste. I have a new single out called “A Billion Halleluyah.” .

2. I intend to quit recording music under two circumstances: 1. I fly away in the rapture or; 2. I die to go and be with the Owner my gift, the One who called me.

3. Going to Bible College doesn’t make you a pastor or automatically qualify you for pastoral ministry. I simply obeyed an instruction from my Lord. My continued answer to His callings upon my life is between me and Him. He alone knows the entire path of the course and I’m yielding courageously one instruction per time, till I come to the full realisation of the purpose of my existence. .

Finally I’d also like to thank our blogger friends who chose to talked about my bible study and also urge them to share my response to their audiences who took so much interest in the matter 😃. .

God bless you all lovers, critics and friends for your interest and also put you in the path of His eternal purposes for your life!


Obiora Obiwon.”

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