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“Please Pray Nothing Becomes Bigger Than God” – Jeremy Lin Says


American professional basketball player who plies his trade with the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Jeremy Lin wants to make sure that his rehabilitation process isn’t getting in the way of his relationship with God.

The basketball player who is just recovering from a very troublesome knee injury he sustained in October asked people to pray for him.

“I’d also like to praise God and thank you guys for all the prayers regarding my knee. Things have been quite positive so far,” he wrote. “Please continue to pray that my knee and body recovers well, and that my mind doesn’t allow rehab to become a bigger priority than Christ. That’s always a temptation whenever I approach a big challenge — that I lose sight of prioritizing God as #1.”

“One thing that I’ve learned recently is to experience God more abundantly in prayer. I should come as I am and connect with God, I don’t need to pray in church lingo or with the most extravagant vocabulary. I just need to come as I am because He loves me as I am.” He concluded.


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