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#SelahMusic: LaydeeRuth | Obilo Jesu (Thank You Jesus) | @laydeeruth


Having released various singles for this year 2017, LaydeeRuth is set to drop a song of thanksgiving to wrap it all up.

LaydeeRuth is a passionate worshipper and a high praiser who ushers God’s People into the presence of God through her gift. She is gifted to sing and write great songs. “Everyone has a dynamic gift on the inside, Having one is good, using it is great”  Discover your gifts. Praise the lord with it and thank the lord for it. Obilo Jesu which means (Thank You Jesus) in Edo language in Nigeria my place of origin. For all he’s done and all he will do, I say Obilo Jesu (Thank You Jesus). We can’t thank him too much.

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Horpeoluwar Desalu

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