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“Suspend Demolition Of Places Of Worships” – Trump’s Deputy Secretary Of State To Sudan


Trump’s Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan has demanded that the Sudanese government put an end to the systematic confiscation and demolition of churches and mosques. This was during a visit to the Muslim dominated country, Sudan, as the Trump administration formally lifted two-decade old economic sanctions against the country last month.

The Deputy secretary who assumed office in May has asked the country to seek improved method in  protecting of free speech and religious expression in the country in order for relations between the oppressive nation and the United States to improve.

Speaking at the country’s second largest city, he said “The government of Sudan, including the federal states, should also immediately suspend demolition of places of worships, including mosques and churches,” 

Sullivan made this comment during during his two-day visit in Sudan in which he met with Sudanese officials and called for an improvement to the human rights situation in the predominantly Muslim country.


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