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SelahAfrik Top 10 Nigerian Gospel Music 2017 | Download

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Okay! Here is the moment we have been waiting for! SelahAfrik presents its top 10 Nigerian Gospel music of 2017, the list of carefully selected 10 songs with the light bulb moment on release. Checkout the list below:

1. Olowogbogboro – Nathaniel Bassey (Feat. Wale Adenuga)

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Either the song had the best arrangement, both vocal and instrumental of it rode on the success of the #HallelujahChallenge, “Olowogbogboro” is the biggest song of the year!  Add that to the fact that it was written & produced by one of the top music producers of the year – Rotimi Keys.



2. Ga Shi Nan – Kaestrings

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Many are so quick to forget that “Ga Shi Nan” by Kaestrings did not receive a formal release date or a promotional scheme when it made it beyond the Mindustry, to Entertainment sites all across the country. Kaestrings did not release the song officially but it went viral having been repeatedly used during the #HallelujahChallenge.



3. Jesus is Here – Glowreeyah

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Glowreeyah‘s “Jesus is Here” and “Open Heavens” spread like wildfire upon release. It was like everyone caught the bug like the songs have been around for a while. Safe to say Glowreeyah has a way with making worship songs the trending songs!



4. Alagbada Ina – Nathaniel Bassey (Feat. Victoria Orenze)

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If you want to know how viral “Alagbada Ina” became upon release, check the statistics of those who downloaded The Minstrel app. The release of the song coincided with the launch of the app and the success on both ends is historic!



5. Miracle Rain – Frank Edwards

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Perhaps it’s the lyrics of the song which address one of men’s primary needs, the melody, perhaps or the challenge which Frank Edwards conducted around the period of the song release. “Miracle Rain” is one of the most successful release of the year!



6. So Good – Tim Godfrey

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Off the Fearless WRSHP album, “So Good” by Tim Godfrey is audacious! Tim Godfrey has a thing for making unique worship songs and “So Good” is one of such.



7. Most High – Nosa (Feat. Nathaniel Bassey)

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In Nosa‘s usual style but the twist is it’s worship overtone. If you say this song is one of the best worship songs released this year, you are by every degree correct!



8. Everything is Blessed – Joepraize

Gospel iconic minister Joepraize has had series of hit tracks back to back, “Everything is Blessed” stands out for the year, perhaps, because of the free access to download.



9. A Marvelous Thing – Sammie Okposo 

Legendary Gospel artiste Sammie Okposo released a couple of tracks before the SWAG album launch in October. “A Marvelous Thing” which was released in January ranked amongst the most popular Gospel songs of the year. “A Prayer” which featured Gabriel Eziashi and Nathaniel Bassey seem to attract the crowd more but it was released in 2016 which is out of the year in review.



10. My Beautifier – Chris Shalom

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With over a million views for the accompanying clip on Youtube, Chris Shalom‘s “My Beautifier” is amongst the most popular Christian songs of the year! The song started receiving endorsement from artistes and Gospel music practitioner including Joepraize, even before it was released.





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