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Ada Gets Brand New SUV 2017 Model From Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Brand New SUV

Urban Gospel artiste Ada has received the gift of a brand new SUV, 2017 model, from Believers Loveworld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Ada, who recently released the “Future Now” album, debut at the number one spot of iTunes Nigeria chart for days, took to her Instagram to thank the senior pastor saying she had considered buying a new car but didn’t give it much thought or prayer before the gift showed up. She also mentioned that it was the first time she is owning a personal car besides the family car, because she had concentrated on her projects rather than the luxury of owning one.

“I wasn’t even praying for one until lately, my husband said we should get another one for me and I just mentioned it to the lord and I forgot about it, in fact, the Lord reminded me of that simple prayer this week after he gave me this,” Ada said.

“Here I am, sitting in a brand new September 2017 SUV!!! free!!! My God!!! I am beyond speechless… I have been asking the Lord, what exactly did I tell you or what did I do for you? Or how did I pray? That you would honour me and my household like this!!! In front of the whole world. Pls remind me lord, so I can be doing, saying and praying that way every day.

“I love Jesus!!! I love him with my entire existence!!! See what he has done!!! Kayyaaaaa!! Who says Jesus is not real??? Thank you, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D for this car and May the Lord continue to honour you by himself in front of the whole world. Please, join me in Appreciating and Celebrating Jesus Every Where!!! He is who He says He is. Hallelujah!”

Horpeoluwar Desalu

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