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How Nikki Laoye Reunited Nigerian Returnee From Libya With Family


After the Federal Government repatriated Nigerians from Libya with the help of officials from NCFRMI, NEMA and NAPTIP, Nigerian Gospel and Inspirational artiste Nikki Laoye was on ground to cover the arrival. Unknown to her she was going to help a family find their long lost brother.

Nikki Laoye shared the story on social media after Ruona Myer, BBC News reporter did a special feature on the US based Nigerian, Marian Asekhome who spotted her long lost brother, Austin Johnson in Nikki Laoye’s video covering the arrival of the returnee 8th, January, 2018.

“Her brother was out in Libya but had been kidnapped, tortured with ransom being asked on his head out in Libya,” Nikki Laoye wrote. “They received frantic calls from him as he asked for help and they sent what they could.”

“Marian reached out to @NCFRMI_SW and myself to help find her brother, which we tried our possible best by sending all information about him to the proper authorities out in Libya and then we prayed and waited for God to do the rest.

“But Soon enough, they lost touch with him and thought he was dead… Until that beautiful day, when she spotted him walking beside me in my video.”

Nikki Laoye thought she was late to the airport that they after she was stuck in traffic but she believed it was ordained so all things could work out for that beautiful moment  Marian spotted her brother.

“And I thought I was late that day… Cos I was still stuck in traffic at Oshodi Expressway when I was told the plane had landed. I was so upset, finally found a way of escape and literally ran to the tarmac to capture the last set of people disembarking from the plane. I wasn’t late. I was simply right on time for Marian and her family as her brother was part of that last set.

“I am still in awe of God’s way of doing things though whenever I watch this video or look back on that day.”

Nikki Laoye has an advice for everyone as she concluded her story.

“And to everyone reading this: Stay in your duty post, keep doing that work God has assembled you here for, even when it seems uncomfortable,stressful. Like I always say, WE ARE GOD’S HANDS HERE ON EARTH Cos YOU ARE THE ANSWER TO SOMEONE’S PRAYER”


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