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“From Crack To Christ” – Former Prostitute Drug Addiction Photo Shakes Internet!


A woman from Detroit Michigan named Cheryl Lenyard shared photos of her time as a drug user and how she looks now that she doesn’t use drugs anymore on her Facebook wall and you won’t believe how much she has changed!

From being an drug addict and prostitute, Lenyard has transformed her life after she received Christ. She hasn’t touched drugs in seven years and she is sharing her story to inspire others.

She was on Christian and Inspirational radio, Silver-Line Radio where she shared her testimony.

“From crack to Christ he saved my life l will have 7yrs clean Aug 11th l feel so brand new l haven’t touched a rock since God showed me how to stop,” she wrote.

“I know what God can do he took me from the pits of Hell to where Heaven dwells from the lowest of the lows to standing on the Tippy Toe top of my toes somebody know what I’m talking about that crack ain’t no joke leave it alone my dear friends turn it over to Jesus and he will give you a brand new life to live #FreeAtLast #GloryToHisName #FaithOverEverything”

Next month she will be celebrating her 7th year of not using drugs. She has survived drug abuse, cancer, Bell’s palsy disease and 3 Strokes since turning her life around.

“You must know my story to know my glory. I survived the crack monster, cancer, Bell’s palsy disease and 3 Strokes; the devil thought he had me but Jesus came and grabbed me,” she said.


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