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Between Bishop Tom Samson’s N80m Stretch Hummer Limo & The Critics!

Bishop Tom Samson

Bishop Tom Samson, senior pastor of the Royal Christ Family Ministry was spotted as he arrived Glass Cathedral Church, Egbeda in a Stretch Hummer which has been valued at N80 million.

For some reason, this has caused an uproar on social media with many saying the man of God’s flamboyance is unwarranted for a cleric. But what’s really wrong with a pastor driving an expensive car?

The Bishop has often been criticized for owning cars like Limousines, Bentleys and Hummer Jeep. He revealed last year that he was blessed by God through some of his members. He said he had suffered for a really long period spanning about 15 years and that he loves exotic cars because they are very comfortable and God ‘richly’ gave Christians wealth to enjoy.

While speaking to Encomium magazine last year, Bishop Samson said:

“It’s not just the Rolls Royce or Limousine today, you must look at my history. I came from a poor background. I have been in Lagos for the past 25 years. Several times I fell from Molue trucks, life was difficult for me. For almost 15 years in Lagos, I was using fairly used dresses. There’s nowhere in the scripture that condemns that. Are we now saying that good things are for the agents of Satan?

“Do you know I have once used a car that they were pushing for me on the road before it could start? God doesn’t do magic. It takes due process. I have paid my dues. Lagos, Nigeria knew me.

“I have been a young man with a ministry, touched lives for many years. Why it is that now in the days of my reward, people now thought I just rose overnight.

 Photos: Bishop Tom Samson arrives Egbeda in his N80 million stretched Hummer limousine

“May be for my critics, I have been in active ministry for 30 years. I have been on campus, laboring. If somebody has been laboring since 30 years ago and God now started to bless him for barely two or three years ago, is that a crime?

“I have gone to many parts of this country, Africa, Europe and America, laboring, raising people. So, if after 30 years of active labour, and God now used these people to bless me with Limousine and Rolls Royce, does that make me a sinner?”

Bishop Tom Samson was  awarded the best Pastor of the Year in (Humanitarian and Youth Empowerment) at Nigeria Media Nite-Out.


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