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“I Know The Secret Behind Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Private Jet” – Gospel Singer Claims & Wants Others To Emulate

Oyakhilome Private Jet

– Promise Alex, Gospel singer claims to know background story behind Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Private Jet and wants other pastors to emulate his giving nature.Promise Alex is a Gospel singer who hails from the Eastern Part of Nigeria. In a recent interview with Nigerian Films, the Gospel singer said he wants all Christian leaders to take a cue from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the presiding pastor of Christ Embassy, aka Believers Loveworld.

He said the background story to Pastor Chris Oyahkilome’s recent private jet is not far-fetched from his giving nature. According to Promise, when you search for the top 10 list of Gospel musicians in Nigeria, you must find at least three of Christ Embassy products.

“[Pastor Chris] is so keen about music, in fact, he cannot do without music, he knows the value of music that is why he gave his choristers a solid support and platform to explore, he did not allow them to just sing in church alone, but also exposes them to showcase their talents to the world and make a good living for themselves.

“These are the qualities some of the churches in Nigeria lack, they believe in already made artistes, they bring them in, to perform, forgetting that they have peculiar singers that are well endowed with musical talents that could shake the world and transform lives meaningfully.

“These are some of the things Pastor Chris does that distinguishes him from his contemporaries in the religious domain. I learned that this indisputable attribute prompted these guys in his churches to come together and said ‘this man is due to have a private Jet, common! let us get him a private Jet, which they eventually did.'”

In December of 2017, the music and art department of the Christ Embassy presented Pastor Chris with a brand new private jet as a way of showing their appreciation for impacting their lives positively over the years. ThisDay reported.

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