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“If You Are Homosexual, You Have 4 Problems” – Apostle Johnson Suleman Explains

Apostle Johnson Suleman

Founding Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has shared his thoughts on homosexuality while preaching at his church in Edo state.

The controversial apostle said homosexuals have four problems one of which includes a demon from the pits of hell. He also said a person’s economic situation can cause it.

See Apostle Johnson Suleman’s statement below:

“You can’t say you are a homosexual, that that is who you are. That is not who you are. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. If you are a homosexual, you have four problems.

Number 1, you have a demon living inside you. A registered demon from hell fire, a demon with capital letters.

Number 2, you have a medical problem because your thinking is wrong.

Number 3, economic situation can cause it. There are people that are being paid to be homosexual.

Number 4, you are a pervert. You have tried the normal style and its not enough. Deal with it and stop forcing your lifestyle on people.”

He later went on to raise prayer points against homosexuality saying: “In Nigeria, we kill the spirit of homosexuality in the name of Jesus.


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