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#SelahMusic: Elijahzoe | Hope In You


Elijahzoe releases the new single “Hope in You”.

“Scriptures says in Colossians 1:27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

“Our hope in Jesus is not just a wish or a dream,but a sure confidence that Christ says concerning us is for good. That truth alone is hopeful. It reassures us that Yahweh has a plan, that he is working his plans for us, if only we have hope in him. Never give up on Jesus because he is the source of our hope.”

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Elijahzoe is a talented Gospel artist and a very good keyboardist. He serves as a Pastor in Castle Chapel International.


Intro: Are you ready.
Tell someone we have hope in jesus,We have hope in Jes us
[Tongue] Chorus:
we have ‘The hope in you……[yeah] We have ‘the hope in you……[Nobody but you] We have ‘the hope in you……[yeah] we have ‘the hope in you….[Jesus son of God] Jesus son of God….yeah eh[we have hope in You
We have hope in you..,….yeah eh[my redeemer eh eh eh] Yahweh my redeemer…….eh eh[my redeemer eh eh eh] We have hope in you……[we have hope in you]

Chorus 2
We have ‘the hope in you’ in you……[Yes] We have ‘the hope’ in you….[Nobody like him] We have ‘the hope’ in you……[yeah e eh,jesus son Of God] Jesus son of God……
We have hope in you……[yes.we have hope in you.] Yahweh my redeemer………[Yeh eh ,my redeemer eh eh eh] We have hope in you….[ we have hope in you] [Yeah e eh]

Verse 1:
Lame will work
Captives free
Chains are broken by
Your name.
King of kings
Lord of lords
There’s no one to


Bridge:Christ in me [ yeah] The hope of glory…..[the hope of G.l.o.r.y eh] I can do
Bridge: Mighty things.
Greater is he [yeah] That lives I me… [That lives I me] Than the one in the world…,……[ we have in you oh oh oh oh oh]

Back to chorus
We have ‘the hope’ in you…….(yeehh)
We have the hope in you…….[nobody but you] We have ‘the hope’ in you…eeh.[you made a way where there’s no way] Jesus, Son of God…..
[Yeeeh, we have hope In you] Yahweh my redeemer ……..[my redeemer eh eh eh.] [My redeemer oh oh oh] We have hope in you [we have hope]

Talking: When I say faith in faith in God you say faith.when I say hope in God you say hope in God.When I say no loss in God you say no Loss in God.

Call: Faith in God
Response: Faith in God
Call: Hope in God
Response: Hope in God
Call: No loss in God
Response: No loss in God
Call: No pain in God
Call: No pain in God.


Facebook: Revivalist Elijah Osawuru

Instagram: @elijahzoe23


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