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#SelahMusic: Evang. Rueben Simon | It Does Not Matter


Evang. Reuben Simon Onyejiuwa a.k.a Nwachidindu (child of the living God) is a Nigerian gospel artist, Minister of the gospel, music producer, electrical and sound engineer, entertainer and event Manager, the CEO of Margreub Technical LTD and Margreub Music Productions.

He hails from Imo state and lives in FCT, Abuja Nigeria. His songs are Holy Ghost inspired. This song titled “It Does Not Matter” is God’s word to him in midst of challenges he was going through as a result of visual impairment incurred from an accident in March 2017. It is a track from his second album of eight songs, titled “Who Am I” recently released. He has two albums to his credit released within two months, the first being “Ekwetawom (I have accepted)” an album of Nine songs.

In His Words; “With this song, once again God is asking millions of people all over the world facing one challenge or the other to believe and trust in him for salvation, remain blessed as you listen, thank you”

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