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Coincidence Or Spiritual Warfare? Two Pythons Reportedly Fight While Prayers Go On Inside Church


It has been reported that Two pythons went at each other while prayers went on inside a church in Nnewi, Anambra state.

A newly appointed clergyman Evangelist Chibuzo Fredrick shared a post on Facebook alleging that the two snakes which are now dead where fighting outside the church while prayers went on inside. He suggested that it was a sign of spiritual warfare.

“After a very hot prayer section this morning,” he said. “Two snakes were found fighting in the front of our church, I declare your enemies shall fight against themselves in Jesus Mighty Name I pray.”

But not everyone is buying the spiritual twist the evangelist is giving the snake story. A Facebook user Timber Emelobe said:

“Totem of our land. May you receive grace and wisdom to understand the word of God. Continue deceiving yourself and ignorant ones. What has a harmless python done to you. Is the python responsible for bad governance and greed which has brought immerse poverty in this country. Shame on you and your level of knowledge. Go to National Geographic Channel and see how civilized humans preserve wildlife. Travel to Kenya and see wildlife reserves where nature and animals are preserved for purposes of helping the ecosystem. Down here an owl passes, you term it witchcraft. Mind you that specie of python is not harmful. It’s a shame and a pity.”

Cza Mason says: “I’m pretty sure it’s mating season after the heavy rainfall season that just passed. What sort of ignorance is this ? Who do us?”

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