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Ex-Gay Mexican Actor To Build World’s Tallest Jesus Statue


Popular Mexican actor, model, and singer, Eduardo Verastegui of “Bella” (2006) has revealed plans to erect the world’s tallest Jesus statue, in one of Mexico’s most-violent cities.

The Actor who is a devout Catholic has reportedly hired architect Fernando Romero to have the statue built this year in Tamaulipas’ state capital, Ciudad Victoria and he has named the statue  “Christ of Peace”.

Tallest Jesus Statue

The capital is described as one of the most dangerous areas of Mexico, with a reported “83.32 homicides per every 100,000 people.”

The 44 years old actor has also said that the project will be presented to Pope Francis and Catholic Church officials announced builders will break ground, early this year.

The statue will be built at a towering 252 feet, which is nearly twice the size of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which stands at 125 feet.

The actor and former member of Mexican boyband  and openly gay singer Ricky Martin were once an item.

Then Verastegui became a Catholic, and gave up sex forever.

He had a go with Californian gays who never forgave him for becoming a vocal supporter of Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage in the state.

In 2010 he was quoted as saying:

For eight years I have promoted the message of chastity, purity, faith and hope to the world.

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