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“Prioritizing Care For Your Pastor Over Parents Is Ungodly” – Reno Omokri Says


Reno Omokri, Nigerian author and adviser on Media Matters to former president Goodluck Jonathan has called out people who “feeds” there pastor more than there parent while also labeling them as “ungodly”.

Reno Omokri, who has always been known not to be reserved in airing his opinion on controversial issues, believes a person who prioritize taking care of his pastor over his parent is ungodly.

Taking to his social media he said:

“When you were young and helpless, it was not your pastor that fed and housed you. It was your parents.

“Now you are grown and can be helpful, but instead of returning the favour and feeding your parents, you prefer to feed your pastor. How is that Godly? #RenosNuggets.”

While in another post he said one of the ways to know you have a covenant with poverty is “You bless pastor and ignore parents.”

Horpeoluwar Desalu

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