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About Asu Ekiye’s Comment On The Experience 2019, Christian Music & Legality

Asu Ekiye Comment

– Asu Ekiye comment on The Experience 2019 about copyright that has got people talking

Veteran Gospel music artiste Asu Ekiye shaded some Gospel artistes who ministered at The Experience 2019 stage. Speculations have said that a particular paragraph in his post was actually addressing an artiste but since Asu Ekiye did not mention any name, we will not concern ourselves with that either.

In his post on Instagram and Facebook page, Ekiye condemned the act plagiarism amongst artiste, stating that an artiste invited for ministration should be able to “appeal to the crowd” using his/her own song. He said singing songs owned by other artistes on a global platform such as The Experience, amounts to fraudulent public appeal syndrome or it implies that such an artiste lacks originality and professionalism.

In the post titled “MY TAKE ON SOME GOSPEL ARTISTE AT THE EXPERIENCE 2019”, Ekiye wrote:

“When you are invited to a global platform like The Experience to minister in music and all you can do is to sing other people’s original songs except yours, then I think you are either passing through a fraudulent public appeal syndrom or you lack originality and professionalism

“After twenty years of full time music ministry and with at least 4 album projects to your credit , you have problems singing your own songs in big events, then you need counseling.
You should be pitied rather than being celebrated.

“Any gospel musician who has been in ministry for more than ten years and rely on popular songs rather than his or her own songs to appeal to a crowd is a mediocre brand.

“However, I must commend the visioners of the Experience . It is a very powerful global showcase of our gospel music culture. I have been there twice to minister and it remains the biggest stage in Africa. ASU Ekiye”

Following the post, Asu Ekiye has received wide range of criticisms as many are of the opinion that the post was an attack on a particular artiste and should have been approached from a Christian’s perspective, others have supported the notion on the grounds of legality.

Gospel Hotspot CEO, King Ayodele Smart said Asu Ekiye should be glad that his song was used during ministration at The Experience. He cited the example of Pastor Russell Evans [Planetshakers City Church], who while talking at the thanksgiving programme that followed The Experience, said the song “Hellelujah, You Have Won The Victory” was recorded at his church but thanked every artiste present who had used the song and also encouraged others to still do the same.

Mr. Olumati Isaiah, Talent manager and music enthusiast was of a different opinion, while acknowledging the dynamic terrain of Gospel music asked King Ayodele Smart if he is aware of the legality that enables those artistes record the song in question.

“I like to point out to you that what [Pastor Russell Evans] did not discussed or what He did not say was the contract for “Royalty” collection over using other people’s music. I hope you know that both the writer and Planet shakers will offer a Royalty contract to whom ever is recording a piece of work which is originally theirs?”

Oyez Emmanuel of Gospel Naija who also responded to King Ayodele stance on the issue said:

“You should know better as a stakeholder in the industry, what is wrong is wrong. Copying people’s songs without their consent is wrong, unless of course you don’t have a problem with that.”

Of course the terrain of Gospel music is slightly different but that does not exempt the fact that there is always the business aspect of ministry. Having said this, we will like to know, did Asu Ekiye exploited any internal medium in reaching the party(ies) he was referring to in his post, in order to see if there can be a common ground? You know… brotherly love and all?

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