Home News & Events Kanye West Declares His Intentions To Run For President In 2020

Kanye West Declares His Intentions To Run For President In 2020

Kanye West Declares His Intentions To Run For President In 2020

– Kanye West President Seat Ambition for 2020 Announced 

US rapper and business mogul, Kanye West has once again made major headline following his declaration to run for President in the forth coming US election.

The 43years old becomes the unlikely challenger to Donald Trump of whom he has been a vocal supporter and Joe Biden, chose American independence day to make the surprise announcement on Twitter, triggering a social media storm.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future,” West tweeted. “I am running for president of the United States! #2020VISION.”

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West tweeted his plans days after teasing a new song and announcing a new album titled “God’s Country.”

His announcement did not come as a shock to some. He has always made it known since 2016 of his intention to run for a seat at the White House, with the most notable of them being at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. West had said he had decided to run for president in 2020. But last November he pushed the date back, saying he would actually run in the 2024 contest.

His declaration has since been married by mixed feelings from his fans and US citizens at large with some openly supporting his bold move and vow to even go to full length to support his ambition, one of them been the chief executive of electric-car maker Tesla Industry, Elon Musk who replied the tweet with “You have my full support!”.

Other as since expressed their concern over the decision and even urged him to rethink his decision and maybe even start from a relatively lesser political position before vying for such a huge position.

If he ran, West would follow in a long tradition of independent or third-party campaigns challenging the Democratic and Republican stranglehold. In his tweet on Saturday, US Independence Day, West, 43, did not say if his supposed run would be affiliated with a particular political party.

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However, contesting the nomination of one major parties would be impossible at this stage, with the election only four months away.In order to appear on the ballot as an independent candidate, West would have to gather a certain amount of signatures and register in states by a particular deadline. The deadline has already passed in some major states but the music star would still technically have time to file in many others.

The 21 times Grammy Award winner also needs to register with the Federal Election Commission.

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