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Upclose: From Law To Arts! “Gbo Ohun Mi” Singer Bolanle Unravels Career & Ministry Secrets

Gbo Ohun Mi Bolanle

Upclose: Singer behind the song “Gbo Ohun Mi” Bolanle chats with Alex Amos in this SelahAfrik Exclusive

You can tell the gift is special when the Art is innate. Bolanle Adejugbe, simply known as Bolanle combines her career as a Corporate and Entertainment Lawyer, a dance instructor and a singer with seamless ease.

Majoring and being successful in the three craft is not as easy as Bolanle has made it seem. It is the result of her excellent execution that has become a pattern that transcend into her family life. She is a successful wife and mother as well.

Her storytelling style of music used to drive thought-provoking and life-changing messages wraps up Bolanle’s craft in whatever form it comes as a means of propagating the gospel of Christ.

What has made Bolanle such a master of all her trades? Following the release of her single “Gbo Ohun Mi,” Bolanle sits with SelahAfrik for this exclusive interview where we explore her world from law to arts, unraveling the secrets behind her 360 success.

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SelahAfrik: Can we get to meet you?

Bolanle: My name is Bolanle Adejugbe. I’m a lawyer by profession, an arts enthusiast, Singer, Songwriter, Creative director of a dance company – Classe de la danse. I am a  lover of God.

SelahAfrik: Tell us about your background, family, childhood, education and profession

Bolanle: I am a wife, mother and daughter. I come from a warm Christian family background. Like I said earlier, I  am a Lawyer and Corporate governance professional. I obtained a Masters in Law from the premier University of Ibadan, Oyo state and I am a graduate of Law from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun state. I am a member of various professional associations both International and National.

SelahAfrik: One curious question, how does a senior lawyer crosses over to become a creative director of a dance company?

Bolanle: I will say it is passion. I am passionate about the arts. I am naturally wired for the arts. It is my innate gifting and passion. It’s what I do effortlessly. Arts is me. It’s separate from my work and profession as a Lawyer.

SelahAfrik: What has been the highlight of your dance career so far?

Bolanle: My highlight will be working with young people particularly kids. I used to run a dance club for kids, which I plan to reopen sometime in the future. Its heart-warming to see kids in their innocence displaying such great artistic talent and creativity. They teach me dance steps too, which I learn with all joy.

SelahAfrik: Although dance and music go hand-in hand, you will agree that they differ… What prompted the diversion into music?

Bolanle: Music has always been a part of me from childhood. I got exposed to music from my family front, school and church. I joined the school choir at age 6 and it has been a musical journey from then till now. Dance and music are intertwined.

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SelahAfrik: Tell us about your debut single “Gbo Ohun mi”

Bolanle: I wrote the song for my friends who are film makers for their upcoming movie. The project took longer than anticipated to materialize and I didn’t want to keep the song to my shelf. So I told them I was going to record the song because it was such a beautiful song. I spoke to my producer Tomiwa Adeniyi (Tommz) and the song was  produced.

SelahAfrik: Dancers tend to be soulful, is it your niche or should we expect more diversities of expressions in your future sound?

Bolanle: I am not limited to soulful music. I create what I get inspired to write. Creativity cannot be put in a box. There are unending opportunities to explore. I write what comes to me regardless of the style .

SelahAfrik: Being a creative whose mind is always put to work and knowing fully well that raising children is a full time job, add to the role of a wife, how do you juggle all these and still remain fresh for your art?

Bolanle: God and family comes first. I have learnt to balance, prioritize and delegate where necessary.

SelahAfrik: We know you are a Christian but why Gospel music, when you could have opted for inspirational or pure entertainment?

Bolanle: My music basically points the audience towards God. Aside from gospel music, I write inspirational songs and  themed songs for a specific purpose such as movies, soundtracks among others.

SelahAfrik: What should we be expecting next from you as far as your music and art is concerned?

Bolanle: People should expect more songs, more artistic shows and events directed by me, artistic collaborations, platforms and content from me.

SelahAfrik: Coming off the release of “Gbo Ohun Mi,” should we be expecting a video for the single? Or you are just going to follow up with yet another single?

Bolanle: I plan to release the video of the song and subsequently release more songs in the future.

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SelahAfrik: What do you do for relaxation? Don’t tell us dance!

Bolanle: I Love to watch movies  and have my “me” time in a serene, calm and quiet environment.

SelahAfrik: What’s your ideal fashion?

Bolanle: I love sophisticated simplicity. Simple, classy, decent and Afrocentric.

SelahAfrik: What can you not be caught wearing?

Bolanle: Clothes revealing my body. I believe you can be godly, decent and trendy.

SelahAfrik: What is that item that you always carry in your bag, aside your phone and purse?

Bolanle: My hand sanitizer.

SelahAfrik: Which artiste inspire you?

Bolanle: I love Lauren Daigle on the foreign scene and for Nigerian artistes, I love Asa, TY bello, Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey, Dunsin Oyekan to mention a few.

SelahAfrik: What do you think of the Nigerian Gospel music industry?

Bolanle: I believe the Nigerian Gospel Music Industry in Nigeria is thriving. Nigerians are setting a standard globally. We are producing powerful, spirit filled songs that are changing the narratives. This is evident from the international collaborations that Nigerian Gospel artistes are currently engaging in.

Bolanle is committed to encouraging and grooming kids gifted in the arts. She is an initiator of the kids dance club, member of the creative arts ministry, and Teens Church teacher at the Global Harvest Church Headquarters.

Listen & Download “Gbo Ohun Mi” by Bolanle

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