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Kanye West Withdraws Presidential Petition In New Jersey

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Kanye West president petition goes south in New Jersey – indications from Kanye 2020 address shows that he not trying to appear on the New Jersey ballot anymore.

American rapper Kanye West has withdrawn his request to run as a presidential candidate on the New Jersey ballot. This is according to an email chain between the judges and what appears to be the Born again rapper‘s campaign email address.

In an e-mail from the Associated Press, an unidentified man, writing from a Kanye 2020 address, told Administrative Law Judge Gail Cookson that West is giving up trying to appear on the New Jersey ballot.

The Kanye 2020 email said late Monday, “At the moment, Kanye has no option but to withdraw with regret from New Jersey and stop further attempts to put Mr. West’s name on the New Jersey ballot.”

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Cookson responded Tuesday by accepting the withdrawal.

“I have considered this email as a request to withdraw from running for President of the United States of America in New Jersey.”

Electoral law attorney Scott Salmon last month objected to the Kanye West president petition request, arguing that it had failed to pass legal bid because the signatures were incomplete and in some cases in a similar written form.

Salmon, a registered Democrat who has filed a complaint, responded positively to the news that the West was retreating.

“I am happy that the Kanye campaign has realized that their petition was so lacking that he was not even able to defend it,” Salman said in a phone interview. “Such a fact was highlighted that it should not have been presented in the first place.”

The New Jersey petition shows that several signatures look alike, including the lower case with a small circle. Some signatures lacked a full address. Kanye West registered his residence in Cody, Wyoming, where he bought two farms in the area last year.

New Jersey is a credible Democratic state in the presidential election and has been since 1988.

The status of the Kanye West’s presidential campaign and whether they are really looking for the White House is unclear.

Kim Kardashian West last month demanded sympathy from her husband, saying he was bi-polar.

In South Carolina last month, Kenny West made an unconventional campaign speech during which he proposed a million dollars payment to mothers.

The Kanye 2020 website invites visitors to sign a petition to appear on the South Carolina Belt and use the acronym that West uses as his Twitter handle slogan: “Ye for President.”

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