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Selahview: In Different Shades, Tints & Tones! Tonia Omoh Splashes Colours On “Appointed Time” Album

Tonia Omoh Appointed Time

Album Review: Tonia Omoh Appointed Time album in different shades, tints & tones!

Gospel music minister and media personality Tonia Omoh released her album titled “Appointed Time” after dropping the lead single off the album titled “Ebenezer.”

According to Tonia Omoh, the album has been in the pipe for about 12 years before the eventual release.

The lead single ”Ebenezer” gave a hint of what to expect from the album. The energetic vibe of Tonia’s high octave vocal. The eclectic impression and coordination of varying instrumentation tells you Tonia will try to experiment with varying sounds and genres, splashing colours in different shades, tints, hues and tones all over the collection.

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True to the prediction, the album is made up of Reggae and Dance Hall, Contemporary worship, Pop Sound and a number of other underlying deviations. While some were great hit, we would have to examine others more critically.

Tonia Omoh started the album off on a high note with the track “Na My Time” featuring Apostle Charles Omoh. The sound is retrospective seating between Disco-Pop and Dance Hall. Listening to the genre today actually strikes more cord than when the genre was popular giving the song a different kind of appeal. A beautiful way to kick off the album, setting the theme that correlates with the title of the album and getting the listener anxious for what is next.

The next track however is a speed breaker has Tonia Omoh slows down the pace for some sober reflection. She offers a version of the popular song “Ijoba Orun,” joining the league of minstrels to have attempted the song, the most prominent being Lara George‘s 2007 release. The theme and the pace of the track are in harmonious agreement.

She picks up the pace for the 3rd track titled “Amen.” The song which features Apostle Charles Omoh replicates the sound on “Na My Time,” giving the impression that Tonia’s default sound is Dance Hall music. There is a palpitation towards the genre after listening to the 3rd track but Tonia is not playing it safe as she ventures wider.

“Aladewura” is an Afrocentric Folk music, a complete veer off the Western sounds the album has adapted so far. It is quite a deviation, however it presents Tonia Omoh’s nativity and originality in a way the Western Sounds would never have.

A 3rd attempt at Dance Hall on the track “It is God” featuring Olu KGR and Apostle Charles Omoh, eliminates any doubt about Tonia Omoh’s go-to sound being Dance Hall. She alternates with different genres but Dance Hall expressions are a constant feature on the “Appointed Time” album. “Iyin Re” is another experimentation away from the default sound. Another speed breaker in the line of Omoh’s version of Ijoba Orun; although with more intensity than her rendition of the former.

“Lord it’s You” which is in the Funk music genre will end up on many’s playlist as one of the favourites from the album. If you listen closely, you will also notice a cleaner audio mixing on the track, add that to Tonia Omoh vocal dexterity on the track.

While she continues the rollercoster trend with “Make It” featuring David Atawale, “Holy Spirit” takes a different kind of high. It is intense, spirit stirring supplication, although not fast paced. Tracks such as “Aladewura,” “Make It” and “Holy Spirit” take us from the urban/street style music Tonia employed for most of the former tracks on the album to a more solemn place of intimacy, reflection and assurance.

She rounds off the album with the previously released “Ebenezer,” making it a 10 track collection that suits well for relaxation, evening drive back from work or just having a good time. Weighing from the experimentation of various genres and sounds, you will agree Tonia is quite versatile and presents the “Appointed Time” album in varying colours – just like the artwork rightly suggests.

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Watch the video for “Aladewura” off the “Appointed Time” album:

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