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See What Pastor Poju Oyemade Said About Paul Enenche & David Ibiyeomie’s Response To Daddy Freeze

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Pastor Poju Oyemade, the founder at the Covenant Nation, has backed Dr. Paul Enenche, the senior pastor at the Dunamis International Christian Center, and David Ibiyeomie, the pastor at the Salvation Ministries, over their attacks on Daddy Freeze, the popular on-air personality.

Daddy Freeze is known to publicly speak down on pastors for disagreeing with godly doctrines.

In a trending video, the OAP insulted Bishop David Oyedepo, calling him a “bald headed fowl,” while also attacking Pastor EA Adeboye, pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

Reacting, Pastor Ibiyeomie described the OAP as a bastard that would soon come to an end if he continued to attack Oyedepo and other clergies.

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Similarly, Dr. Paul Enenche described Daddy Freeze as a mad dog with bipolar disorder.

Enenche also backed Pastor Ibiyeomie, insisting that Daddy Freeze acted in a way that would qualify him as a bastard.

Pastor Poju Oyemade, in support of Pastor Enenche and Ibiyeomie, insisted that it was wrong to insult people older than you.

In a Facebook post, the pastor said it would be wrong to remain silent on the attack on the clergies.

“Speaking out is right, in leadership silence is consent,” Pastor Poju Oyemade said.

The post entitled: “Why I agree in principle with Pastor Ibiyeomie and Pastor Paul Enenche,” reads: “To openly mock someone much older than you and also a person who is in authority should be roundly condemned. The principle of publicly speaking out against such behavior is right for if left unanswered in the public square, it will become the culture and many who are young and impressionable people will follow suit.

“In leadership, silence is consent. What you see today in a corner that seems insignificant if you do not address it will one day take over the entire fabric of society.

“There are institutions God has put in place to keep society in order. Those offices must be respected even if you disagree with them. You may disagree doctrinal wise with leaders and you may in some cases voice out your opinion but to use mockery and insults as a weapon is wrong and must be condemned.

“To think you can insult your way to destiny is futile.” He concluded.

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