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Snatcha Of Rooftop MCs Presents “The Drunken Masters” – A Live Virtual Experience | Sunday 27th September

Snatcha Of Rooftop MCs Presents

Right on the heels of his new single, Children of God, Snatcha of popular rap duo, Rooftop Mcs is set to bring his 3rd solo intimate concert tagged “The Drunken Masters”, to a screen near you this Sunday 27th September .

Showing live on Youtube, Join the HipHop legend and his band as they take you on an unforgettable Urban Virtual Experience, A remarkable night of worship and overflow of the spirit, expressed in experimental Hip-Hop music.

Speaking about his inspiration behind “The Drunken Masters” concept, Snatcha shares; “Have you ever seen a man intoxicated? He speaks the truth with boldness, He sings loud either on key or off key, He’s often seen muttering words that sometimes don’t make sense. He often rejoices when you expect Him to be sad.

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“As Believers, we are to stay in that state of highness, Being constantly drunk in the spirit and Led by the spirit, for those are whom the Lord is seeking”

Broadcasting live from Icon Towers Studios, UK, “The Drunken Masters” concert would be aired on Snatcha’s YouTube channel

Date: Sunday, 27th of September, 2020

Time: 5.00pm (UK / NIG Time)

Venue: Snatcha’s YouTube channel (Snatcha Official)

Horpeoluwar Desalu

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