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Kirk Franklin & Tammy Collins Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary – Advice Men On Marriage

Kirk Franklin & Tammy Collins

Kirk Franklin & Tammy Collins celebrate 25th wedding anniversary – With an advice for men

Iconic American Gospel singer Kirk Franklin is celebrating 25 years wedding anniversary today, January 25, with his wife Tammy Collins.

Kirk Franklin had married Tammy Collins On January 20, 1996. He had a son from previous relationship when he married. Collins also had a daughter.

As a couple, Kirk Franklin and Collins have two children together, a daughter named Kennedy (born in 1997) and a son named Caziah (born in 2000).

Sharing a beautiful picture posing with his wife, Kirk Franklin wrote:

“A life-changing weekend with this one… 25 years of surrender, dying to self, living for someone else, making God smile by making YOU. I hate the luggage I brought… I would’ve lived differently if I knew what was waiting for me. What a blessing to find my medicine in loving you; You are my daily dose. Happy Anniversary to the undefeated champion of my heart.”

Tammy Collins Franklin also shared pictures on her timeline with a simple message but full of gratitude for her heartthrob:

“Last night’s anniversary dinner was all that I prayed it would be. Small and intimate, yet full of laughter and love! God is indeed so good.”

In a video which the iconic singer shared prior to the anniversary, Kirk Franklin advice young men to not marry a woman for “big buddy and big breast” as this will not make a great friend.

In a humourous twist to the message, Franklin joked about how his wife possessed both but she is a friend still.

“I was blessed to marry a woman with both but she’s still my friend,” he joked and laughed.

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