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QSFKelly | Take It

– Fresh New Music By QSFKelly tagged Take It | Mo3

Quintessential, sanctified, fashionista, QSFKelly returns with new rap music titled TAKE IT. A song about seizing the moment when it matters most.

Faith Kelly Saidu-Simon, popularly know as QsfKelly G2, was born 7th March in the 80’s in Delta state, Nigeria. She is a Pop, RnB and Hiphop singer, who was once a Model/Fashonista before moving on to music to deliver positive messages.

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She started singing in the church. She was later made a conductor to the adult choir. As a kid growing up, she started dancing at the age of 8 and in 2009/2010 she won the Queen in the DanceHallQueen Competition in Munich Germany.

She wrote and record her first song in 2008. Singing for her was also her second best “know how” thing.

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I woke up one morning just got myself thinking,

the reason I’m working is to make some money,
some folks take me for a fool ’cause they don’t get it,
I work myself up daily and I’m too busy,
My hommies used to telI me that I’m so stupid, they want me to join them in their little gossip, people talk about me ’cause of my isolation, but I’m to good and I just want to be.

Chrous : 2X
So Take it
so take it
so take it
so take it

Verse 2:
I can’t wait for a second cos it’s too longly, some took champagnes and shinapps but it’s too plenty, so be smart don’t dull so you don’t get stupid.
I hate to flow with the crowd and I don’t follows rules.
I can tell your oldies to make me breakfast, Shally I’m scrolling around with nobody. But tell me, do you know now what I am thinking? you all talk too much that’s why I trust nobody some people ask me the reason I’m so serious, my ambition can’t stop cos I’m so serious

chrous : 2X
So Take it
so take it
so take it
so take it

Verse 3
When they see me on the streets they don’t just get it.
I’m saying no name, cos I just don’t know them, they don’t like me but I’m making some history, only my hommies can just know my secrets.
My mama used to tell me that I’m going to make it and the word of God for me says I’m gonna be famous.
I hold onto the word but I’m still working hard, Success don’t come to one without making moves, moving with ambition & inspiration but I’m too good and I just want to be.

Chrous : 2X
So Take it
so take it
so take it
so take it



Instagram: @qsfkelly_g2
Desalu Opeoluwa

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