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Selah’s Journal: About Maverick City Music & The GRAMMYs | By Solomon Buchi


– About Maverick City Music & The GRAMMYs | By Solomon Buchi

I was a huge fan of Maverick City Music when they emerged. Their sound was distinct with lyrical charisma and a perceived heart for God. ‘Promises’ was a hit. Their songs made me feel sobriety, but something has changed. Sadly, off the godly track.

After they gained popularity, especially following their album with Elevation Worship, things began going on a downward spiral. Maverick City Music was created to help gospel artistes from different races and backgrounds find expression and a platform.

Hence, they are just a group of Christians with different theological views coming together to make music. I don’t think their foundation was strong enough for how far they’ve come. Firstly, the Hollywood lifestyle has not just crept in, but they’ve embraced it shamelessly.

Recall that Dante Bowe, one of the lead acts of the group has being caught in ungodly associations and acts — he once uploaded a song with curse words. During the last Grammy Award, he stated that he wanted Lil Nas to perform. Huh?

His suspension was right after he was in a bus party dancing to Bad Bunny. The song was vulgar, talking about a woman dripping wet down ‘there’ and whatnot. This doesn’t just show a personal issue, it reflects a lack of organizational discipleship. Who’s their pastor?

If a lead act, Grammy award winning though, could publicly post that, what does it communicate? After netizens lashed on him, he pulled it down. Go on their individual pages, their bio barely has anything that makes you know they are Christians. Is it a big deal? Yes.

There must be a proud identity as a minister. Not just by acts, but as much as by words. Remember that they all identify as ministers, so must be held to the standard the Bible has laid out for ministers.

After their first serial Grammy reel, and how they flaunted it, I became a bit scared that they may derail. Then their collab with Kirk Franklin & Justin Bieber. Justin is cool, but he needs discipleship, not features on gospel music, that’s my opinion. I love his heart for God.

I have absolutely no grouse against Christian musicians being awarded for excellence on a secular platform. However, it’s dicey. If the platform is like the Grammy’s that clearly doesn’t give a hoot about godly values, why not speak about Jesus explicitly there or boldly perform spiritual songs there, rather than a passionless and conforming performance. In the last Grammy days ago, Maverick City Music performed with Quavo to celebrate the life of TakeOff. How about singing the Lord’s song in a strange land?

In the bid to adopt the wave of inclusivity, they are going bananas. It’s sad to see. And then goes what Chandler’s wife wore. A gospel minister. She wore a see-through dress that showed her thighs. C’mon guys, where is the sanctification and separation.

The world must be able to look at us and see a difference. Musical excellence is good, but ministerial consecration is even more important. Sanctification must be evident; fruits must be seen. Association matters.

Maverick has sung about God, but consistently not shown in association, acts and conduct that they are separated. The need to mix with the world is absolutely on the high. Who is their pastor? Are they discipled or they feature based on only musical ability?

No gospel musicians can excel spiritually without discipleship, because you are what a pastor is, but in songs and sounds. Why is it important to talk about this? Because of millions who follow them, because of baby Christians who will be led astray.

We are called to reproof ourselves. I wouldn’t go as far as saying Christians shouldn’t listen to their songs. I still do. I mean, David has deep flaws, but he wrote Psalms. Many Hymns we solemnly sing were written by insane people.

I think we can still sing their theologically correct songs, while condemning their lifestyle. It’s not just Maverick, even Elevation, Hillsong, Bethel — there are stories. However, I think Maverick is reaching. They seem so uncoordinated, lacking sound spiritual leadership.

Nathaniel Bassey is forever an inspiration. I think I’m beginning to see why he doesn’t do Grammys. It gets tricky when worldly institutions get to validate your ministry. It’s not wrong, but how strong is your foundation to withstand the desire to conform?

I pray God helps us all. I hope Maverick also see wisdom in the multitude of loving reproof tendered to them. I pray that we also have more discernment, and that we don’t fall off in our own little spaces of influence.

About Solomon Buchi

Solomon Buchi is a Christian social media influencer. A life coach who help people gain clarity in life and relationship. He is a TEDx speaker, a writer and Christian Apologist. He recently got married to his heartthrob.


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