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GRAMMY Nominee Bobbi Storm Sings Unto God Despite Threat Of Being Thrown Off Plane

Bobbi Storm Almost Kicked Off Plane For Singing To Passengers

– Bobbi Storm Almost Kicked Off Plane For Singing To Passengers, Arguing With Flight Crew

In a video posted by the GRAMMY nominee Bobbi Storm, she was threatened to be thrown out of Delta Airline flight for singing to the passengers.

According to her, she was asked to stop singing or be thrown out by the flight attendant which she refused, stating it was what the Lord asked her to do.

The Instagram video shows Storm attempting to perform her single “We Can’t Forget Him,” before the same crew member asks her again to be quiet.

The video posted online by the gospel singer, it showed a member of the flight crew arguing with her because Bobbi Storm wanted to sing on the plane before takeoff and she was asked to be quiet.

Once in her seat, Storm tells her fellow passengers that she has sung on other flights and, moreover, been nominated for two Grammys — statements that are met with some applause.

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“When we get to the end of a flight, we talk on phones, we talk to neighbors, sometimes we yell across the plane, so what’s the problem with asking people and them giving me the go, to share something that I’m proud of, something that God has done for me, with the rest of the world,” Storm said.


Bobbi Storm Almost Kicked Off Plane 

In a statement made by Delta Airline, they said;

“For the safety of our customers and crew, it’s always important to follow crew instructions.”

A talented vocalist, Bobbi Storm gained acclaim for her singles, particularly “Poor Dat,” and her contributions to the Grammy-nominated album “The Maverick Way.” Her musical journey reflects a commitment to her craft and a desire to share her talent with the world.

She has faced many challenges, including in her health which deepened her relationship with God. Prior to her Gospel album, Storm released the wavemaking single “Poor Dat” and had collaborations with mainstream artistes including Gucci Mane, Jill Scott, Mariah Carey and more. Her social media page is filled with her covers of popular mainstream songs which went viral.

Her hard work paid off when she received GRAMMY nominations in the Best Gospel Performance/Song for her songs alongside her group Maverick City.

Storm is part of the gospel group Maverick City Music, which earned nominations for Best Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song at the 2024 Grammy Awards.


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