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Bible News: The Gospel Of Self – Another Message | By Alex D. Amos

The Gospel Of Self - Another Message | Bible News |By Alex Amos

– The Gospel Of Self – Another Message | Bible News |By Alex Amos

There is a kind of Gospel that has become the norm in this times. It is a Gospel that is focused on self.

From the times of Pa Elton John and Joseph Ayo Babalola, we could tell from the result they produced that the focus of these men was the impressions of God on their heart. Movements that had outlasted several generations were birthed through the labours of these men.

These days, it seems we have exalted men more than the God that lifted those men and our messages have shifted to the miracles than the one working those miracles.

The only reason men will be crowded unto a man is because they have a need and they have seen that the men has given someone else that miracle through the grace and anointing of God upon his life.

Men are not being trained, the man himself only uses testimonies as an advertisement so that they can accrue more numbers that only adds to our quantity as a church not our quality. Sinners are comfortable around the man of God and they talk about how they love his message because it encourages them, yet they themselves are not being transformed by that message… only comfortable.

Our prayers are short, simple and self centered. No one is groaning for territories, nations and souls like our fathers did. We wake up and make confessions that are self-focused not God-focus, success focus not fruitful-works-focused, dreams and achievement driven not God’s purpose driven.

The Gospel does not break their heart and make them recount their ways, it only encourages them about the love of God. Saying to them, you can continue in your waywardness but love Jesus and know that Jesus loves you too. You can backbite, steal, indulge yourself, add some fun to the Gospel because the Gospel is not boring… be assured that Jesus loves you and accept you the way you are.

These are aberrations because the message of the Gospel is separated and does not have too many options or alternative. Somewhere along the line, our focused shifted from God’s glory to self.

You cannot carry the message of this Gospel and still be the same person you used to be. Even the best of us will realize his frailties and shortcomings when we are in God’s presence talkless of one who is undisciplined, canal and rebellious!

In a world full of options and alternatives to the Gospel, God is looking for separated men that can carry His burdens so that His will can be done upon the earth. Can He find a man in you?

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