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Former Vice President Of Nigeria Yemi Osinbajo Tells Churches To Shun Corruption & Bribery

Churches Should Shun Bribery

-Churches Should Shun Bribery & Corruption – Yemi Osinbajo Says

The former vice president of Nigeria, Yemi Osinbajo, has told churches to preach and shun corruption and bribery.

Speaking at the at the inaugural lecture in honour of the late senior pastor of Fountain Life Church Taiwo Odukoya on Saturday, the ex vice president stated the importance of churches preaching and shunning bribery and corruption.

Admonishing the church on Christian values, Yemi Osinbajo said;

“The Bible says that righteousness exalts a nation. How often do we hear pulpits condemning bribery, corruption, and the stealing of public resources? 

“How often do those who receive money from politicians and from other sources ask the source of the money? the former vice-president asked.

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“So the question is not how many Christians are in government, business, or professions? The question is, what are they equipped with?

“What are the relevant principles of the gospel that they know and apply in their daily and professional or public lives?

“What standards has the church set for them? Does the church question the officeholder’s giving of tithes and offerings that only the wealthiest businesspersons can afford? “Does the church embrace unexplained affluence?”

“So, the real issue in strengthening the Christian voice in government is how we ensure that the lives of Christians in government reflect the principles of the gospel.

“Those principles have made other nations great, as the destiny of nations depends on how the church behaves. What the church teaches or accepts is what our nation will become. I pray that the memories and legacies of Pastor Taiwo will last forever, he said at the lecture titled ‘Strengthening the Christian voice in government or public office’


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