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Pastor Enoch Adeboye Shares Heart Melting Confession About Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

Enoch Adeboye Praises Nathaniel Bassey

-Enoch Adeboye Praises Nathaniel Bassey At Recent Event

World renowned spiritual figure and G.O of RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adeboye shares heart melting confession about Pastor Nathaniel Bassey.

During the day 2 of “A New Dawn”, the RCCG Americas 2 crusade that kick off Wednesday, June 12, 2024, Pastor Enoch Adeboye revealed how proud he his to be a father to Pastor Nathaniel Bassey and how much his growth is a win to the Kingdom.

He then went further to say the multi-award winning gospel minister’s life is a proof of how far God can bring you if you trust in Him.

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Pastor Enoch Adeboye, speaking about Pastor Nathaniel said;

“I want to bless the Almighty God for my son, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey. 

“I want to say it loud and clear that i am very proud to be your father. I have never said it before publicly, but Nathaniel is a living evidence that God can take a man from very little beginning to a great plcae.”


Enoch Adeboye Praises Nathaniel Bassey

Expressing his sincere appreciation to the general overseer, Pastor Nathaniel said via his Instagram page.

“My Father, My Father ! What a privilege to call you Daddy!

“Thank you for loving me and modeling Christ, Daddy @pastoreaadeboyeofficial

“I am a blessed and bonafide son and product of PASTOR EA ADEBOYE ! Anyday, anywhere !

“I will keep following and learning by God’s grace. I have a great and godly heritage in CHRIST ! Thank you Daddy !
To God be all the glory!”



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