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#SelahMusicVid: Géraldine Ngonda | Ise Iyanu | Feat. Evans Ogboi

Géraldine Ngonda | Ise Iyanu | Feat. Evans

Gospel sensation Géraldine Ngonda is thrilled to announce the release of her powerful new singleIse Iyanu (Miraculous Work Of God),” featuring the renowned UK-based Nigerian Gospel artist Evans Ogboi.

“Ise Iyanu,” which translates to “Miraculous Work Of God,” is a moving worship song that celebrates the wonders and sovereignty of God.

Directed by David Nsaka, the music video showcases Géraldine Ngonda’s powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence, also features the soulful and uplifting voice of Evans Ogboi, creating a memorable and inspiring performance.

The live performance which was captured during a concert in Paris, is now available on YouTube and has already garnered significant attention from fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.

Géraldine Ngonda, a Gospel artist from Paris, has been passionate about music since childhood, beginning her career in church and later leading the choir. In 2018, she released her album “Plus de tristesse,” blending gospel, soul, and African rhythms, reflecting her journey in the Christian faith.

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Her deep spirituality and dedication have led to numerous collaborations with French and English-speaking artists and pastors. In the past two years, she has focused on covers and original compositions centered on “the presence of God.”

Balancing her roles as a nurse and a Christian, Géraldine has remained attuned to the challenges of the global health and economic crisis, aligning her message with the times.

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