Whoo hoo!!! The new issue of GemWoman Magazine is out and has ‘his vocal highness’ Timi Dakolo and wife Busola on its cover as they talk about their love, family, God and music.
Bukola, talking about her husband reveals, “He’s a God-fearing man with a humble heart; his heart is like a stretched highway and he gives even when there’s nothing to give. He loves me passionately. I knew I was ready to give my unlimited submission to him. He is purpose driven, I am blessed.”
She also says,”I treasure my husband’s presence in the theatre during the delivery of my children. He really encourages me and tries to distract me from the pain. I you know Timi well, you’ll know he’s really funny although there’s nothing really funny about labour pain.”
Timi on his music, “I believe in staying true to what you are good at and success will become yours. It’s not about the ‘now’ but about where I see myself in five, ten years’ time. I want to leave this life and have coming generations still appreciate my music. I want to sing songs that are evergreen and this is what I am sticking to.”
On his wife and family, “I found someone that loves me with all my imperfections and completes me in every area. Why wait?! It’s like the old nursery rhyme, ‘Tick says the clock, tick tick. What you have to do, do quick.’ I met her in church, walked up to her and asked for her number, which began the journey we are still on – a great journey.”
“It is an amazing life I have; having my wife, children and a career I love. Everything has its place so I try my best to give my time to both. It’s hard sometimes but to me; family comes first always. Family is one of the core reasons we do what we do.”
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