Singer Asa Sways To Nosa’s “No Worry” During Photo Shoot With TY Bello

Soul singer Asa had a photo shoot session with photographer and singer TY Bello who used Chocolate City artiste Nosa‘s album “Open Doors” for the shoot.

AsaDuring the shoot, Track 4 of the album, “No Worry” popped up and Asa started dancing to it, swaying effortlessly to the rhythm. TY Bello captioned;

“I knew the Voice [metaphorically referring to Asa] was right when she started to dance to ‘No worries ‘ by Nosa“.

Watch below:


TY Bello continued;

“Yes… I’ve played his songs through pretty much every shoot this year… something about the way he writes and his voice really inspires me.”

“Open Doors” is Nosa‘s first album under Chocolate City Group and “No Worry” is the 4th track on the album that produced hit singles including “Always Pray for You”, “I Go Stay”, “Why You Love Me So”, “Always On My Mind” and many more.



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