Fun Stuff: LoL!! See The Remark On TY Bello’s Report Card From 30 Years Ago!!

ty bello
Celebrated photographer and singer TY Bello shares photos taken with her mon on her Instagram account… not only do they share facial semblance but we see where TY’s hair come from! Oh, by the way… her birthday comes up on the 16th.

TY Bello who spent the day with her mom before sharing the picture also shared some blast from the past including a letter she had wrote to her mom for a loan of  N3,500, Report card from 30 years ago, 10 birthday party invite amongst other things.

See below:

ty bello loan
N2,300 out of N3,500 given… mum’s a prudent money manager …LoL!
ty bello report
Intelligent but stubborn… neat and playful… Lol!!
ty bello invite
1988 TY Bello was 10… 2016 she will be… let’s do the math

Happy birthday to TY Bello in advance from SelahAfrikans!!


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