Bible News: Obtaining The Promise Through Thanksgiving (Part 2)

“He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory to God.” – Rom 4:20

The word of the Lord when you find it, will birth joy in your heart. There is a word for every situation. The word is the light and the guide out of the situation. We have already established that in the previous lesson.

If you believe the word you have obtained and stand by it, it is only a matter of time before it births joy in your heart, if not immediately.

While JOY is something God has already finished for us. THANKSGIVING is however a choice we have to make.

While the joy of the Lord is ever present with us. One has to be diligent enough to find it, thankfulness however, is deliberate. You choose to take the action.

Here is what happens. When you channel the joy you have found in God into giving thanks to him, you will birth the strength to pull through to the place of breakthrough.

Bible tells us that Abraham was strengthened in faith so he continued to GIVE thanks to God. First he found the promise, he believed it and was grateful to God for it. As he continued in the attitude of gratitude, he kept waxing in strength.

In the face of dire situations, Jesus who is our example, did not cast and bind. He gave thanks to God. Before raising the dead. Before feeding the multitude, before sharing his flesh and blood.

You FIND joy through the word but you GIVE thanks to Him after receiving the word. By this you can release the strength you need and birth the manifestation embedded in the living word.

A man named Jeremiah and his son were walking towards a relief center after the Houston flood and a certain news anchor caught up with them to ask about how they have been affected by the flood.

Jeremiah said: “We lost everything, Everything is gone. The car, the clothes… But we are thankful to God.”

The anchor had to repeat his statement “you lost everything but you are thankful?” to which he replied “Yes thank God”. The news hit the social media and everyone has been making frantic effort to resettle Jeremiah and his family, others were encouraged because of his faith. I tell you, it is not man who moved to Jeremiah’s help, his thankfulness in the dire situation moved the hands that move the world!

– Written by Alex Amos

Alex Amos

Alex Amos

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