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Is Snoop Dogg’s New Album Really Gospel? Watch “Words Are Few” Featuring B. Slade


American rapper Snoop Dogg has given a date and title for his forthcoming Gospel album. According to iTunes, Bible of Love, Snoop’s 32-track double album will arrive on March 16.

To mark the occasion, Snoop Dogg has unveiled the seven-minute album closer, “Words Are Few” featuring B. Slade, and an accompanying visual.

There has to be a new definition for what Gospel music is, but if we are to put the fact that Snoop Dogg said he is releasing a ‘Gospel album’ in the same category as a Lecrae, Da Truth, then a lot of elements that makes up what a Gospel album is will be found wanting.

Some will to go by the definition of what Gospel is and ask – does it speak about the good news of Jesus? Does it edify? does it glorify God and what have you… Please listen and watch ‘Words are Few” and draw your conclusions.

Others may also want to put the explicit words freely thrown here and there in the new video into consideration while others will look at his social media contents, especially the display of “smoking scenes” on Instagram into consideration.

But like Snoop Dogg said, it has always been in his heart to drop a Gospel album, he just never got around it because he is always doing “‘gangsta’ business or doing this or doing that. I just felt like it’s been on my heart too long. I need to do it now.”

In conclusion, Snoop Dogg made an appearance at the 19th annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebra
tion in Minnesota. He explained why the album is a ‘Gospel album’ while on stage, Snoop explained, “The record’s all about love from start to finish. That’s the way you change the world, by putting love in it.”

Watch “Words Are Few” featuring B. Slade:



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