Oluwole Ilesanmi

Nigerian Preacher Gets N1.1m Compensation After Unlawful Arrest For Public Disturbance In London

A Nigerian street preacher who was later identified as 64-year-old  Oluwole Ilesanmi, has been compensated with the sum of N1.1 million after his wrongful arrest and humiliation for preaching in public in London.

Oluwole Ilesanmi was arrested in February and held for disturbing the peace and accused of Islamophobia.

He argued that his remarks were simply his views as a Christian rather than words to denigrate Islam or its believers. Following the analysis of his case, the Meteroplitan Police has been order to compensate the aged man with N1.1 million for wrongful arrest and for his humiliating and distressing treatment.

The preacher whose freedom of speech rights were trampled will now be compensated by the police.

While speaking to UK’s The Mail, Ilesanmi said:

“I believe God loves everyone, including Muslims, but I have the right to say I that I don’t agree with Islam we are living in a Christian country, after all. I was upset when they took away my Bible. They just threw it in the police car. They would never have done that if it had been the Koran. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?” 

The 64 year-old preacher has welcomed the payout by the Metropolitan Police as a victory for freedom of speech. The video of his arrest which went viral sparked a lot of interesting debate on social media.


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