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Did Kenyan Pastor Claim He “Found” Jesus On The Street & Invited Him To Church?

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According to reports, a Kenyan pastor in the small Kenyan town of Kitengela claimed he found Jesus and has presented the man to his congregation as the son of God.

Photos of the Caucasian male whom they are calling ‘Jesus’ were captured while he was speaking to a group of people in the small Kenyan town, and the pictures are now making waves on the internet.

According to Twitter user, @Desaylor1, the yet-to-be identified Kenyan pastor (as at the time of report) had the man dressed as the biblical version of Christ and had him speaking to his congregation after claiming to have found ‘Jesus’ on the streets of Kenya. The pastor allegedly told his congregants that ‘Jesus’ had returned and lucky for them, He landed in Africa first.

Howevever, the true story is that the Kenya pastor had invited this certain “Jesus” to preach to his congregation. The pastor main purpose of bringing this ‘Jesus’ was to educate people that he isn’t Jesus of the Bible.

The man widely and erroneously referred to as Jesus who worshiped in Kenyan church has been revealed as Michael Job.

Job is said to be a visiting actor, evangelist, and president of Jesus Loves You Evangelistic Ministries. Job has worked with Evangelist Daniel Kolenda and Reinhard Bonnke (with Christ For All Nations, the ministry of Daniel Kolenda) in the past.

The evangelist had revealed that he was visiting Nairobi, Kenya, Krakow and Warsaw Poland in summer of 2019.

In addition, Michael Job is also an evangelist at TBN’s Holyland Experience in Orlando Florida where he portrays the role of Jesus According to BBC Pidgin, Job was invited to Kenya along with other pastors to preach for one Kiserian Mega Interdenominational in a crusade that took place from July 26 to 28.

The evangelist is an Ukrainian who grew long hair and carries a Bible. During the three-day crusade he was reported to have visited schools and gave food parcels to widows, while also preaching on the streets.

Notwithstanding, The story of Jesus walking the African streets after Caucasians with similar attributes are spotted is not one new to the region.  Africans have been spotted hailing white people as Jesus Christ and this is as a result of the image of Jesus portrayed in the early movies of “Jesus of Nazareth.” – the typical white narrative of Christ handed down by the colonial masters to African captives from the 1500s.

In 2016, another bearded white man thrilled Kenyans who clamoured for photo opportunities while he was walking barefoot on the streets of Nairobi. The man who was later identified as Daniel Christos, wore a tattered robe, and held a walking stick, depicting the same image of Jesus Christ in Western movies.

“I arrived in Kenya less than 2 weeks ago from Ethiopia and have been welcomed with so much enthusiasm like I’ve never experienced before in my life. In fact, it’s been so extreme that it’s been a little overwhelming. Every single corner I walk on in Nairobi I have noticed someone either taking a photo or video while hundreds of times a day I hear people calling out ‘Jesus!’” Daniel Christos told local media.

“I am not Jesus! I have never pretended to be. I am a traveler who has come to your country as a visitor, I would hope that one day if Jesus does return you treat him with a little more respect than you have treated me. To everyone else, you are a beautiful people, I love you!” he added while responding to critics who wanted none of his publicity stunt.

Days later, other white people dressed as Moses and Elijah as seen in Western biblical movies equally gained attention in the country.

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