”thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. –Matt 7:5

It is disheartening enough for me to watch the killing of a fellow Nigerian but to hear the murderers call out to victims “die na… die” while administering such brutality as “planking” them and the eventual burning of the victims was so appalling, I’m yet to get over it. As I watched this barbaric act my heart raced with twice the speed. A friend who had watched the gory video with me was sweating profusely beside me while he staggered to a seat nearby. This is to tell you how horrific the act was.
This is not a post intended to circulate the pictures or videos of the said act. Getting some form of documentation for such happenings is good, however we seem to be more concerned about the intrigue, awe or blood rush which capturing such event brings that we are caught up in the “paparazzi race” and we become so objective we loose our humanity. Therefore, I have intentionally withheld the videos and most of the pictures in my possession.

Has it gotten to this? When did we take this total three-sixty degree turn around as to maim university students in public over an allege criminal act? Even if they were truly guilty of the crime, whatever happened to reporting to the authorities? Plus, where were the authorities while the “mobbing” was taking place? I mean, it happened in the public… right? It is a common knowledge that “thou shall not kill,” when did it become okay to do it in the public? With such barbarity as stripping naked, merciless beating, crushing skulls, breaking the jaws and neck bones and the eventual burning, bound by tires! What evil spirit possessed them and totally withheld their reasoning and why? I mean, someone in the crowd should have had enough knowledge to alert the proper authorities before these students were eventually burnt alive! Destroying Gods property which He loves.
I bet no one amidst the mob is guiltless of the crime of stealing! I bet the still small voice would have asked; “he without a sin, cast the first stone” but apparently no one was listening because the spirit which had taken over them at that instance had blinded their inner vision, else someone would have wondered that these boys stole laptops and phones, what about those in authority embezzling millions everyday?! If our Lord and savior was to cross out sinners, who will be standing right now? Even God was so not okay with the death of sinners he sent His only begotten son… “only begotten son” to die for our sins so that we may have a second chance. He forgave an armed robber while dying, why wont he forgive these ones that where not caught with as little as a pen knife? They were someone’s children, someone somewhere loved them and someone is devastated right now over their death yet the mob called out “die na… die” while crushing their skulls with sticks and slabs. You would think they were talking to a cockroach haven crushed it, with the insensitivity with which the statement was uttered. These are God’s creation! He loves them dearly. How would you feel if you build a house, and someone comes to demolish it? Yes, these ones are God’s property and some set of people allowed themselves to be used to abort His plans for their lives!
Then a public figure, an artiste which I have withheld his name on purpose because this is not a hate media went on to tweet: “I am not a Nigerian, I am just a human being existing in this part of the world” [paraphrased] as his response to the killing. I got fired up in my spirit because it got me like, here we go again. Tell me, is it Nigeria that killed these boys? Where does Nigeria live? People like you and I who make the lot of Nigerians are the ones who committed this gruesome crime against humanity. Just like it is people like you and I who make the lot of Nigerians that embezzle money or place the rest in such a situation that warrants crime. We are the ones that are greedy, selfish and wicked! Nigeria is just fine! It is you and I! We are the problem!
As cliché as this might sound, we need to start praying seriously for the spirit of God to take over our lives in Nigeria cos this complaining attitude of Nigerians in and outside of Nigeria every time there is a sneeze is becoming an evil spirit that is gradually eating us up! We understand boko haram is a sect but how do we explain people you eat with, talk with and play with, killing four fellow Nigerians with such brutality and its so okay that they will eat and sleep in the next minute like “it was just a cockroach I killed afterall.” What if you end up in a brawl with such person and the evil spirit pops out again?

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