FotostockDylan is old and he wished to see the city before he dies but his old pickup truck cannot make it across the rough terrace to the city. No other road leads to his town and he would hitch hike the distance if only he can make it across the high rock that segregated his little neighborhood from the rest of the town.

“The rock is very high and quite exhausting,” he once said to a friend after trying to make it across.

One day, Dylan found a  bible in his farm and decided to read it. He was so enraptured by his many discovery from the book that he read it every day and night till he came across the verse where Jesus said; “For most certainly I tell you, whoever may tell this mountain, ‘Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and doesn’t doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is happening; he shall have whatever he says.” (Mark 11:23).man-hands-holding-old-bible-olivier-le-queinec

Dylan was elated! He screamed and danced, this got the attention of some of his friends who inquired what could have made the old man so happy. He told them about his discovery and that he intend to talk to the “mountain.” (The big rock on his way).

A lot of people try to make him see reasons telling him to be rational,  but Dylan was undeterred and started speaking to the mountain every morning and night with people making jest of him that his old age has affected his mental state.

Dylan expected a great wind to blow that will lift the rock  off the ground and break it to pieces so he can make his way across but nothing of such happened. However, he didn’t stop speaking to it everyday despite overwhelming discouragement, especially from his friends.

He woke up one morning and was going to go speak to the rock when he saw construction workers with big machines outside, close to the great rock. He asked what the big machines and construction workers were doing in such a remote town like his.

“Oh we gonna construct a road that will link to the city” one of the workers answered, “that means that rock’s gotta go.”

"The Rock's Gotta Go"
“…That Rock’s Gotta Go”

Dylan smiled and went back home to pack his bags. Soon, he will be leaving the town, he thought to himself. He had learned important lessons.


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  1. Weeks ago I read a devotion that said we should speak to the mountain in our lives. For days, I prayed Lord show me the mountain, there seems to be so many hindering me these days. I stopped praying. For the Lenten season, I have been started prayer journaling-a daily habit I had let go. Now, as I pray, I see the mountain crumbling bit by bit.

    I thank God for you and this word, for once I was unsure and now I am clear.

    • Glory to the Most High! And as you speak you will subdue them all in Jesus name – Amen! Thank you for the comment.

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